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Luxe Creations Logo
Luxe Creations Logo

Luxe Creations was born from my desire to make beautiful, healthy, highly fragrant soy candles to enjoy in our home. My love of Soy candles developed from there and I’ve spent many hours perfecting them.

Based in Papamoa Beach NZ, all our candles are hand poured and we only use renewable soy wax and high-quality fragrances to enhance your experience and to extend the burn time and fragrance throw of your candle. Once your candle life is finished, we can refill our containers with new wax and your choice of fragrance.

I look forward to creating a beautiful fragrant soy wax candle for you. Thanks for choosing to be part of our journey.

Chris Mitchell

Renewable Soy Wax



100% Refillable Containers


Ph: 021 190 5434

Papamoa, Bay of Plenty

Luxe Creations Logo
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